How Do You Draw Cherubs?


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Start with a circle, which serves as the guideline for the head. Draw four light lines in the circle for the hairline, the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Draw a line that cuts through the middle of the circle and goes on for a couple of inches downward. Go to the bottom of the circle where you can start shaping the jaw line and the chin.

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To complete the cherub, sketch the outline of the cherub?s hair, which could be of any length or texture. Make your way to the hairline for any hair details. Draw the eyelids and the ears flanking the hairline, and then draw the ears and the mouth. Start working on the body, which could be naked or clothed with a flowing long-sleeved robe. Finish off drawing the cherub with a wing sprouting from each shoulder and a halo on top of the head.

Mentioned throughout the Bible and appearing in Middle Eastern art, cherubim in the ancient times were depicted as winged angelic beings of majestic stature, having the bodies of lions or bulls, wings of eagles and faces of humans. Recently, however, the depiction of a cherub is that of a chubby-faced child with the wings intact.

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