How Do I Draw Cherry Blossoms?


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Japanese cherry blossoms, the Prunus serrulata, or "sakura" in Japanese, are beautiful flowers that bloom in the springtime. Cherry blossoms are characterized by their pale pink, uniquely shaped petals. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms carry much symbolism in addition to their aesthetic beauty.

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How Do I Draw Cherry Blossoms?
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To draw a cherry blossom floral scene, first draw a branch. Then, draw a few smaller, thinner stems extending from the branch for the blossoms to come off of. On each of the smaller stems, draw a small circle for the center of the cherry blossoms. The small circles act as a guide to drawing the petals proportionately. Then, draw a small, minutely wavy oval shape extending from the small circle centers drawn earlier to form the first petal of the cherry blossom. Repeat drawing these oval petals until there are a total of five proportionate petals around the circumference of the center of the cherry blossom, resembling a star. Continue with the other small circle centers drawn earlier. The petals do not have to be perfect, as the waviness of the linework keeps the texture natural and organic, like the real flowers. To finish the blossoms, draw several faintly thin lines coming out of the middle of the cherry blossoms, in the circle. At the end of these lines, draw tiny yellow circles. To finish up the drawing, just fill in the color with pale pink!

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