How Do You Draw a Cherry Blossom?

How Do You Draw a Cherry Blossom?

Cherry blossoms are pink flowers with five petals that bloom in the spring. They're typically drawn in clusters on a branch. The necessary supplies to draw a cherry blossom are a pencil with an eraser, paper and colored pencils. The drawing takes approximately 10 minutes.

  1. Draw the center

    Draw a small circle using a light touch. Still in a light touch, draw five lines radiating evenly from a point in the middle of the circle.

  2. Add the pollen

    Draw a color of irregularly-sized circles around the central lines. Add a row of circles ringing the central circle. Carefully erase the lines in between.

  3. Add to the flower center

    Draw parallel lines between the irregular circles and the circle ring, connecting the two groups. Draw three, evenly-spaced triangles radiating from the center.

  4. Draw the first petal

    Choose one of the radiating lines. Draw a petal shape so that the line transects the center. Wave the line slightly to create an organic shape. All other petals will be overlapping.

  5. Sketch the remaining petals

    Follow the technique used for the first petal. However, end one line from each petal at the curve of the previous petal to indicate that they are overlapping. Carefully erase the radiating lines.

  6. Color the flower

    Use pink for the petals, dark pink for the outer ring of circles, green for the triangles and yellow for the balls of pollen. If desired, use the dark pink to create tiny veins in the petals.