How Do I Draw a Cat Face for a Costume?

draw-cat-face-costume Credit: kiciarandagia/RooM/Getty Images

Applying make-up and paint to replicate a cat's face is a popular Halloween costume idea. The cat face design can be as simple as drawing whiskers and black nose with eyeliner or replicating a more-ferocious feline look, similar to a tiger, using water-based face paint.

  1. Choose a design

    Know the look you are going for, and then gather the materials needed. Basic materials include water-based, non-toxic black face paint, paint brushes, face glitter, eyeliner and blush.

  2. Draw the essentials

    Start by painting the tip of the nose black. If you're looking for a cat face to fit a child's costume, a pink, heart-shaped nose is a good option. Next, using the same black paint, draw a line between the center of the nose and the lips. Continue the line over the top of the upper lip. Then add three lines on either side of the face for whiskers. Add a sprinkling of small dots near the whiskers.

  3. Add definition

    If you want a more-defined look, add three long eyelashes on either side of the face, from the corner of each eye. You can also paint pointy cat ears above each eyebrow by drawing an inverted V. Add glitter and blush to complete your cat face design.