How Do You Draw a Cartoon Whale?

How Do You Draw a Cartoon Whale?

Drawing a cute cartoon whale takes only a few minutes to complete. A pencil and a piece of paper are all you need.

  1. Draw the framework

    When drawing the framework, keep in mind that these guidelines should be faint enough to be erased upon completion of the whale. Start by drawing a circle. Sketch a line halfway through the circle lengthwise. Make a curved line from the top to the bottom on the left side of the circle. Curve a line upward outside the circle on the right. Draw two triangles with the points joining at the end of the curved line. Sketch two triangles on the right and left side of the bottom of the circle.

  2. Draw the head

    Draw the head of the whale by following the top of the circle to just below the center line on the left of the circle. Make a point outward before curving the line down to the right triangle for the top of the mouth. Sketch an eye just below the center line on the right side of the circle. For the chin, start at the point on the left side of the circle and follow the bottom of the circle to the right triangle.

  3. Draw the tail and fins

    Draw the tail by connecting the top of the head to a new curved line just above the curved line of the framework. Connect the line to the two triangles. Repeat this process, and make a new curved line below the framework line, connecting it to the chin. Flesh out the triangles with curved ovals for the fins.

  4. Complete the details

    Erase the framework lines. Draw parallel curving lines running from the mouth to the chin. Sketch a half circle above the eye.