How Do You Draw a Cartoon Toy Soldier?

How Do You Draw a Cartoon Toy Soldier?

A cartoon toy soldier is typically drawn standing at attention either facing the front or in profile. The following instructions are for a toy soldier in profile. The required materials are a pencil with eraser and paper. The drawing takes a minimum of 10 minutes to complete.

  1. Draw an axis

    Using a light touch, draw a dotted line between two parallel lines. This line keeps your soldier straight.

  2. Draw the torso

    Midway down the axis, draw the soldier's chest and stomach. Draw two parallel lines, with the bottom line twice as wide. Between these, draw two lines that curve out slightly. The shape should resemble a narrow bell.

  3. Add the legs and feet

    Starting at the bottom of the torso, draw two straight lines for the legs. For the feet, draw a long, narrow rectangle. This should look like a toy base more than feet.

  4. Draw the head

    Leave a small space between the torso and the head for the neck. The head, with its soldier hat, should resemble the torso with two differences: the narrow section is rounded, and it's a mirror opposite of the shape.

  5. Add details

    Draw two straight lines to connect the head and torso. A third of the way up the head, draw two parallel lines to indicate a hatband. Add a thick, curving line from the band across the face as a chin guard. Draw the arm at the back of the soldier so that its length is three-quarters of the torso. Add other details such as a belt, buttons and medals.

  6. Finish the head

    Add an ear on one side of the chin guard and the face on the other. For the face, include an eyebrow, a dot for the eye and a small protrusion for the nose. Curve the mouth up, and shade in a small area as a mustache.

  7. Add a gun

    Draw a lightning bolt shape from the bottom of the arm to the bottom of the hat. The bolt should be thicker at the bottom. Add a semi-circle at the base to show the soldier's hand. Erase the axis.