How Do You Draw a Cartoon Panda?

How Do You Draw a Cartoon Panda?

Draw a cartoon panda by first making a circle for the head. Add all necessary guidelines, draw the body, and then add any important details. Finally, color in the panda.

  1. Draw the face

    Begin by drawing a large circle for the head. Add guidelines for the features, and erase the bottom of the circle, adding a straight line instead. Next, add two circles for ears and an oval-shape for the nose and mouth. Draw four small circles, two within the ears and two above the oval-shape. Make a "Y" shape for the nose and two circles within each eye. You may shade or color the eyes. Draw two oval-shapes around the eyes. Finally, complete the nose, and sketch a "W" shape for the mouth.

  2. Draw the body

    Shape the body by drawing a large "U" shape and two large circles and two small circles for the feet. They should look like two sideways eights. Draw two large ovals for the arms. Next, connect the tops and the bottoms of the feet to the body.

  3. Finalize the details

    Erase all the unnecessary pencil marks. Next, add any important details, including fur and shading. You may color the panda to add more character.