How do you draw cartoon elephants?


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To draw a cartoon elephant, begin by sketching in pencil the basic shapes that make up an elephant, working from its biggest body part to its smallest. Next add detail as you prefer: fewer lines make for a more cartoon look, while more lines add realism. Outline the finished work in pen, and then erase all pencil work.

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  1. Start with the biggest parts

    Draw the elephant's body and head out of two large circles first. Starting with the biggest parts makes it easier to size up the smaller sections. Add the surrounding details, still using familiar shapes: a large inverted "C" for the ears, and an "S" for the trunk. Start with pencil and erase frequently.

  2. Fill out the outline

    Add the legs to the body by drawing in two pairs of parallel lines. Be sure that the back leg of each pair is drawn slightly ahead of the foreleg so that all four legs are visible. Begin to sketch the small features, such as the eyes, ears, trunk, tusks and tail. All of these features are made with familiar shapes again: eyes and brows come from circles, ears from a "C" drawn backwards, and tusks and tail from "S" shapes.

  3. Finish with Ink

    Outline the best lines in ink. Remember that cartoons use as few lines as possible to make the viewer "fill in" their own interpretation of the image. Start with the largest, most basic and familiar shapes again and, when satisfied, erase all pencil lines.

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