How Do You Draw a Cartoon Dragon?

How Do You Draw a Cartoon Dragon?

To draw a cartoon dragon, sketch the basic guidelines. Next, draw the face, the horns and the body. Draw the tail, and add in specific details, such as scales and a mouth.

  1. Sketch out the skeleton

    First, draw the basic shape of the cartoon dragon. Sketch a circle for the head, and add two horizontal lines for facial measurements. Draw a line for the neck and a larger circle for the torso. Add simple guidelines for the front legs and a tail line. Finally, draw a guideline for the wing.

  2. Draw the face

    Begin drawing the face with large eyes. Make sure to color in the pupils. Next, add guidelines for the horns and small details for the mouth. Sketch out the frills on the side of the face, and complete the horns.

  3. Draw the body

    Start to draw the torso, beginning at the neck and working your way to the legs and feet. Next, draw out the wing, the hind leg and a short, thick tail. Finally, add the second wing and the inner hind leg to give depth.

  4. Add the details

    Draw the chest scales and any other small details, such as the nostrils and mouth. Finally, color in the cartoon dragon.