How Do You Draw a Cardinal?

How Do You Draw a Cardinal?

Draw a cardinal by making two base shapes. Next, draw the frame of its face, followed by the eyes and beak, the wings and its overall body shape, including the tail. Finally, draw its environment.

  1. Sketch a basic outline

    The outline of a cardinal consists of two shapes: a circle for the head and an egg-like shape for the body. Place them at a slight counter-clockwise angle with the circle on top of the body shape.

  2. Draw the face

    Sketch out the frame of the bird's head. Make sure to include the cardinal's spiked crown and the feathery spot in the center of what is to be the neck. Next, draw the mask lining of the face. Draw the beak and only one eye, because the cardinal is in profile. Color in the eye as well.

  3. Draw the body

    Sketch a rounded wing, about the same size as the egg shape but off-center. Include a few layers of feathers within the wing. Next, fill out the rest of the cardinal's body with raised feathers along the back, tail feathers at the bottom and chest feathers between the neck and the wing. Finally, add more detail to the wing.

  4. Complete the drawing

    Finish the drawing by adding an environment, such as a branch with a few leaves. Add color and detail where needed in the cardinal.