How Do You Draw a Car?

How Do You Draw a Car?

To draw a car in semi-profile, start with the two closest wheels, sketch the body and the cabin, add doors and windows, sketch bumpers and headlights, and add details. Drawing a car takes roughly 20 minutes and requires a pencil, eraser and paper.

  1. Draw the wheels

    Draw two circles in the bottom third of the paper. The circles represent the front and rear wheels, so draw them apart.

  2. Draw the body

    Draw a line between the two circles about halfway up. Without drawing through the circles, draw a rectangle that would connect to the line in the middle. The rectangle should be longer on the right side and feature rounded edges.

  3. Add the cabin

    Draw a dome with sharp corners on top of the rectangle. Position it so that you have the basic shape of a car.

  4. Draw the windows and doors

    Sketch a long rectangle in the front to represent the windshield. Leave a small space, then draw two connected squares as the side windows. The squares should be slightly wider on the bottom. Draw lines down from these to create two fat rectangles for doors. Leave a space at the bottom.

  5. Sketch the bumpers and headlights

    On the far right, draw three small rectangles with the middle one slightly lower, almost in the manner of eyes and a nose. Draw a long, thin rectangle under these as the bumper. Draw a small square behind the rear wheel as the side of the back bumper.

  6. Add details

    Draw semi-circles under the far corner of the front bumper to represent the other front tire. Add lines from the bottom of the windshield to the top rectangles for the hood. Add little circles inside the top two rectangles as headlights.