How Do You Draw a Camel?

How Do You Draw a Camel?

Although there are many ways to draw a camel, an easy method involves making a small circle for the head, drawing a large oval for the body, and adding a hump or two on its back. You need drawing paper, colored pencils, a pencil and an eraser.

  1. Draw the head

    Make a small circle on the right side of your paper. Add a line curving downwards for the camel's nose. Draw a line from the head to the bottom of the curved nose. Add a short angled line on the nose. Draw an upside-down U on the top of the head for an ear. Make a small black circle for an eye.

  2. Draw the body

    Draw a large horizontal oval about one inch back from the bottom of the head. To draw the neck, connect the oval to the head with two curved lines. Add an elongated U shape for the tail zigzagged at the end to indicate fur.

  3. Draw the legs

    Outline the legs by lightly drawing four elongated V shapes. Draw the shape of each leg by curving the front outline of each back leg inwards. Draw a swirl to indicate a kneecap in the middle of each front leg. Draw a small oval with a curved line in the middle on the end of each leg for the hooves.

  4. Draw the hump

    Erase the top outline of the body. Make one or two humps, shaped like mountains. Color in the camel with colored pencils.