How Do You Draw Bushes?

How Do You Draw Bushes?

Drawing bushes along with trees and other foliage is an essential skill for drawing or painting realistic environments, especially gardens and other exterior landscapes.

  1. Begin with the basic shape

    Most bushes have a basic overall shape or form. They can be triangular, round or rectangular. Begin by drawing the desired shape of the bush. For a round bush, draw a circle. For a more triangular or conical bush, draw a triangle.

  2. Fill out the shape with leaves and dimension

    After drawing the basic shape of the bush, begin to fill it out by drawing an outline that depicts the overall texture of the foliage. Outline the basic shape with spikes or U shapes. Spikes should be used for evergreen bushes. Rounded or angular U shapes can be used for other types of bushes.

  3. Add any desired shading

    Adding shades to a bush can create a great deal of depth and shape. Consider different levels of shading for leaves in the foreground, midground and background. The foreground leaves should be the lightest color. Midground should be a shade in between the foreground and background. The background leaves should be the darkest color. When combined, the shading creates a more natural and realistic-looking shrub.