How Do You Draw a Bow and Arrow?

How Do You Draw a Bow and Arrow?

To draw a bow and arrow, first draw the basic shapes of each. Next, begin to sketch out the thickness of the bow and the arrow tip. Finally, add detail to the bow and arrow, and color it in, if desired.

  1. Draw the skeletons

    Begin with the bow by drawing a curved handle. Next, draw a rectangular shape for the hand grip and a straight line for the string. Finally, beside the bow, draw two parallel shapes for the arrow.

  2. Give them shape

    Draw the determined thickness of the bow. Carefully, sketch the ends bending inward and then out. Add the tip and two slanted lines near the bottom for the tail.

  3. Complete the basic structures

    Connect the two curved shapes on the bow to fully form the handle. Next, add detail to the handle, such as curled lines where the fingers might rest. On the arrow, add detail to the tip, and complete the shape of your tail. Finally, sketch the end tip, which is often a diamond shape.

  4. Touch up the drawing

    Complete the bow by adding slight details to the hand grip. On the arrow, add definition to the feathers and to the end tip. Finally, clean up the drawing by erasing the line through the grip. Color it in, if desired.