How Do You Draw a Baseball?

How Do You Draw a Baseball?

To draw a baseball, make a circle and add baseball stitching in a arch-pattern. Details can easily be added to create an authentic baseball.

To draw a baseball:

  1. Create the ball
  2. Draw a circle. It does not have to be perfectly round, but a circular object can be traced or a compass can be used to make it round. Draw four small circles slightly overlapping the large circle's edge to represent the ridge created by the baseball's stitching. The position of the "bumps" should be approximately at 2, 5, 7 and 10 o'clock, if the circle were representing a round clock. Once the ridges are made, erase inner circles and confirm the baseball's outline.

  3. Add the stitches
  4. From the four ridges, draw an arc from top to bottom, representing the stitching line. Following the stitching line, draw in the stitches. They should be slightly curved and can have a small circle at the edges of each one.

  5. Add the details
  6. Add shading to the baseball and stitches to make it realistic and dimensional. Drawing a baseball field, baseball players and a bat adds to the baseball. The baseball can be drawn inside a baseball mitt or vertical lines can be added to convey the ball in movement. Flames can be added by adding curvy shapes to the vertical lines.