How Do You Draw Angry Birds?

How Do You Draw Angry Birds?

To draw the yellow Angry Bird character, start with a rounded triangle, split it into quarters to position the face, add the eyes and eyebrows, add the beak, sketch the hair and add the belly. Drawing the bird takes roughly 10 minutes and requires paper, a pencil and an eraser.

  1. Draw a triangle with guidelines

    Draw a large triangle with rounded corners in the middle of the paper. Lightly sketch a curved line from the top of the triangle to the bottom. The bottom of the line should hit about two-thirds of the way across the triangle. Sketch a horizontal line three-quarters of the way down.

  2. Add the eyes

    The guidelines intersect off-center in the triangle. In the upper-right quadrant, draw a small circle near the horizontal line. In the upper-left quadrant, draw a larger circle. Angry Birds do not have symmetrical eyes.

  3. Position the eyebrows

    Add two parallel lines at a slight angle above each eye. The lower line of each pairing should slightly overlap the circles.

  4. Finish the eyes

    Draw a blackened circle off-center in each eye circle to represent the pupils. Turn the parallel lines into rectangles by adding perpendicular lines at the end of each.

  5. Sketch the beak

    Starting in the upper left quadrant, draw a curved V that ends in the lower left quadrant. Starting from the center of the V, draw a sideways "7" shape. Connect the end of the seven to the top of the V. Add a wide V at the bottom for the lower beak, which is shorter than the top beak. Erase the guidelines.

  6. Add hair and a tail

    Lightly sketch an oval at the top of the triangle and another on the bottom left. Draw the letter M twice in a fan in the top oval for the hair, and erase the oval. Draw a curved trident in the lower oval for the tail. Erase the guideline.

  7. Add the belly.

    Just below the beak, sketch an oval for the belly. Color the bird yellow, the feathers black and the eyebrows red, if desired.