How Do You Draw Angels?

How Do You Draw Angels?

How Do You Draw Angels?

Drawing angels is a handy skill for creating anime or designing Christmas decorations. Focusing on the details of the face, the clothing and the wings helps to make an angel drawing more realistic. Angels can be drawn in different styles, ranging from cherubic to warrior-like and intimidating.

  1. Draw the contour or shape of the angel

    Begin by drawing the head and the basic body shape of the angel. The body can be a simple triangle or more realistically shaped. Add the rough shape of arms to the body.

  2. Add the facial and clothing details

    Draw the angel's face, adding the level of detail you want to achieve. Add the outline of the angel's hairline, and then create folds and contours to the angel's robe. Decide whether or not to add legs to the angel. Finish the detailing of the angel's arms and hands, and complete the angel's hair, taking the time to add realistic details.

  3. Draw the angel's wings

    Sketch out the basic contour of the angel's wings. Add feathers to the wings, making sure to taper each feather into a fine point. This step may take longer than the other steps if you want fully feathered wings. Erase any pencil marks, and finish your angel by inking your drawing, or adding shading or color.