How Do You Draw Angel Wings?

draw-angel-wings Credit: Brand New Images/Stone/Getty Images

Drawing angel wings doesn't need to be a daunting artistic task. Follow these basic, easy steps to create beautiful angel wings in just a few minutes.

  1. Fold the paper in half

    To get started, fold the paper in half and draw a light pencil line on the folded vertical line in the center of the paper. This line serves as the mark between the left and right wings, making it easier to keep the picture centered.

  2. Sketch a wide-curved letter m

    After deciding the total size and shape of the angel wings, draw a wide-curved letter m with the middle low point of the letter about one quarter down the page on the center line of your paper.

  3. Create a tear drop shape

    Angel wings look like tear drops. Once a wide-curved letter m has been sketched, finish creating the wing by closing the m into the shape of two tear drops.

  4. Divide the angel wing

    Now that the outline of the angel wings is complete, divide the angel wing in half with a vertical diagonal line. The vertical diagonal line will separate the short feathers from the long feathers.

  5. Add short feathers

    Inside the top half of the angel wing, draw small spiky feathers. The small spiky feathers should overlap each other to look natural.

  6. Add long feathers

    Next, draw long feathers in the bottom half of the angel wing, making sure to connect them from the last row of the short feathers from the top half. The contrast between the short feathers and long feathers should also seem natural.

  7. Retrace the angel wing

    Now that the sketch of the angel wing is finished, retrace the drawing with a darker line.

  8. Erase any sketch lines

    After the angel wings have been retraced, erase any sketch lines that may be visible.

  9. Shade in the angel wings

    To finish the angel wings, shade and highlight the feathers.