How Do You Draw an Angel?

How Do You Draw an Angel?

To draw an angel, gather the necessary materials, such as a pencil, paper and an eraser. Start with the basic form of the head and body, and add any desired features until your angel is complete, which takes just a few short minutes.

  1. Sketch the head and body

    Start by drawing a circle. Start adding facial features, such as the eyes, nose and mouth. Complete the head by drawing a small rectangular shape at the base to form the neck before drawing the torso. Because this is a picture of an angel, you may want the angel's torso to flare out at the bottom, as if the angel is wearing a tunic or robe.

  2. Add the angel's hair, arms and feet

    After drawing the face and trunk, add hair on the head. Also, draw arms extending horizontally from each side of the angel. The hands of the angel can be simple, smaller circles. For the feet, draw smaller ovals at the bottom of the robe.

  3. Draw in embellishments on the robe and add the halo and wings

    Finally, add any decorations to the robe that you desire. To complete your angel, add an oval halo above the head and wings on either side of the body behind the angel's arms.