How Do You Draw an Alligator?


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Draw an alligator by drawing three circles to represent regions of the body, connecting the circles with curved lines, adding three body parts, and finishing with details. You need pencil and paper or a computer drawing program.

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  1. Draw three circles for the hips, torso and head

    Draw a circle for the hips. Add a slightly larger circle for the torso to the right of the hips in the same horizontal plane. Make the distance between them equal to the diameter of the first circle. Draw a third circle up and to the right of the torso with the distance between them equal to half the diameter of the torso circle.

  2. Add curved lines of the body connecting the circles

    Draw curved lines connecting the three body parts. Draw the two lines to form the body between the hips and torso as arcs curving slightly outward. Draw the two lines creating the neck between the torso and head as arcs curving slightly inward.

  3. Add a snout, tail and legs

    Draw a snout like a fat duck bill to the right of the head that is longer than the diameter of the head. Draw a tail that narrows as it moves away from the hips by joining two reverse S-shapes that start on the top and bottom of the hip circle and move left. Draw two short and stout front legs that originate from either side of the bottom of the torso circle. Make them slightly bowed outward. Add a right hind leg of similar size originating from the bottom left of the hip circle and pointing down and to the left. Add webbed feet at the base of the legs.

  4. Add details

    Draw an eye near the center and top of the head. Draw a crooked line for the mouth from the end of the snout to below the eye. Add a small horizontal dash for the nostril near the end of the snout above the mouth. Use cross-hatching and shading to show the scaliness of the back, the bends in the knees and the webbing between toes. Add a few teeth to the mouth. Erase the original circles to complete the drawing.

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