How Do You Draw an Airplane?

To draw an airplane, outline a cylindrical shape for the plane's body, sketch wings and a tail, and fill in additional details. Use a pencil to lightly draw the shapes, then finish the drawing by tracing the lines with a pen.

  1. Draw the body and wings

    Draw a long, cylindrical shape that becomes slightly larger at one end to create the plane’s body. Draw a bump at the top of the larger end; this is the cockpit. Draw a wing on each side of the plane, angling them slightly toward the tail end of the plane. Create the wing shapes by drawing long rectangles that become narrower at the outward end.

  2. Draw tail and body details

    Draw triangular shapes, but with square angles, at the back end of the plane for the tail area. Draw one on the top side, one on the left side and one on the right side. Draw two lines along the length of the plane’s body, curving the lines around the front end of the plane to show the curve of the nose. Draw the cockpit window at the front end of the plane. Curve the outline of the window slightly upward, like in the shape of a smile.

  3. Draw engines and windows

    Draw two puffy cylinder shapes under each wing for the jet engines. Draw four small square doors along the side of the plane, with two on each side of the wing. Add three tiny windows on the side of the cockpit and numerous tiny windows along the plane's side between the two lines.

  4. Complete your plane

    Trace the pencil lines you want to keep with a dark-colored marker or pen. Erase any extra pencil lines. Color the plane if desired.