What Are Some Drama Series on Hum TV?

What Are Some Drama Series on Hum TV?

“Diyar-e-Dil,” “Jugnoo,” “Nikah” and “Zindagi Tum Ho” are some popular dramas on Pakistan’s Hum TV. The shows are viewable as scheduled via the television network or on-demand via Hum.tv.

“Diyar-e-Dil” is the story of Agha Jan and his sons Behroze and Suhaib. Agha Jan arranges for his niece Arjumand to marry Behroze, but Behroze defies his father by insisting on marrying his classmate Rohi instead. Agha Jan arranges for Arjumand to marry Suhaib if Behroze doesn't marry her.

“Jugnoo” is about an attractive but humble girl who is tricked into marrying Ammu, an assistant at a production house who deceives her into believing he is an important executive. This fact is revealed shortly after the marriage takes place.

“Nikah” is about two first cousins, Ayesha and Rohail, who are engaged to be married. Rohail has a strong desire to pursue higher education abroad, and does so once the opportunity presents itself. While away, Rohail falls in love with Zehra. They marry, and he attempts to keep the marriage secret from his family.

“Zindag Tum Ho” focuses on the lives of Ahsan, Esha, Savera and Saad. Ahsan and Esha place relationships over materialism, whereas Savera and Saad prioritize wealth. Ahsan's first wife, Esha’s sister, dies in an accident and leaves Ahsan to raise two children alone. Esha steps in to help. When Ahsan decides to marry Savera, his brother’s former girlfriend, complications begin.