Who Is Dr. Pol?

Doctor Jan Pol is an American veterinarian originally from the Netherlands who stars on the National Geographic's Wild reality TV series "The Incredible Dr. Pol." Pol has a reputation for common sense and is very popular among viewers of the National Geographic channel, but he has incurred some controversy over the years due to his methods and standards.

Doctor Pol practices medicine on both large and small animals, dealing with farmyard and barn stock as often as house pets. His son, Charles, works at his practice and the television program revolves in large part around the cases they handle and their lives alongside the lives of the clinic's other employees.

Doctor Pol's television shows follows the more unusual or affecting cases that the veterinarian puts his attention to. He treats animals as diverse as llamas and lizards. The show also covers his interactions with his staff and with the community.

Pol's practice lies in Beal City, Michigan. The environment is rural and there are a great many farms in the surrounding area, meaning that stock and working animals like farm dogs are common tenants in the veterinarian's clinic. Pol's life's work has been the development of his veterinary practice and of the skills that make him a competent surgeon.