How Was Dr. Krauthammer Paralyzed?

Dr. Charles Krauthammer became paralyzed at age 22 when he hit his head on the floor of a pool after diving into the water. Due to the angle at which he hit the pool, the force of the trauma went directly to his cervical vertebrae, severing his spinal cord.

There was not so much as a single cut on Krauthammer's head following the accident. He was just very unlucky that the impact occurred at the worst possible angle, resulting in permanent paralysis. He had been studying medicine at Harvard University at the time and had decided with a friend to stop for a quick swim on the way to class.

Krauthammer first earned his Bachelor of Arts in political science and economics from McGill University before becoming a Commonwealth Scholar at Balliol College, one of the 38 colleges of the University of Oxford. Next, he earned a Doctorate of Medicine from Harvard Medical School. He completed a psychiatry residency at Massachusetts General Hospital but later went on to become a journalist.

Dr. Krauthammer passed away of small intestine cancer on June 21, 2018. He was a contributing journalist on FOX News Channel. He also wrote a weekly political column for the Washington Post and has won an American Pulitzer Prize for his journalism.