What Is Dr. Jan Pol's Background?

What Is Dr. Jan Pol's Background?

Dr. Jan Pol was born September 4, 1942 in the Netherlands and then primarily raised on a dairy farm. In 1970, he graduated from Utrecht University. He practiced veterinary medicine with a fellow veterinarian in Harbor Beach, Michigan, before starting his own practice in 1981.

Pol married his wife Diane three years before his graduation, in 1967. When he first started his own practice, he operated out of his and Diane's home. Business grew over the years, and as of 2015, he has had over 19,000 clients. He has a staff of 10 people, and over the years, all three of his children have helped his practice.

Another part of Pol's background is that he considered setting up a practice in New Zealand before he met his wife. For Chippewa Hills High School, he served as the football coach between 1998 and 2001, and he was the school's watermelon-eating champion in 1998.

Dr. Pol has driven a number of vehicles. He previously drove station wagons when he called on farms, and later started driving Jeep Grand Cherokees. Locals also know Pol for the DeLorean car that he drives around town.

Personal background information about Dr. Pol includes that he is afraid of heights and that he never answers email personally, allowing his wife and staff to respond to any inquiries sent to the clinic's email address.