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"Downton Abbey" is a drama television show that follows the lives of wealthy family members in the Crawley lineage as they encounter unforeseen situations, including disruption to the plans of passing along the family estate to eligible heirs. "Downton Abbey" appears on the Public Broadcasting Station, PBS. It exists in several seasons, and has a setting in Yorkshire, England at the Crawley estate.

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The show explores the personal struggles of all members of the Crawley family. The family consists of Robert and his wife Cora, who is of American descent, and their children. The setting for the television show is Elizabethan England, and the first episode begins shortly after the sinking of the Titanic. The boat's sinking, although seemingly unrelated, significantly changes the future of the family estate. Aboard the Titanic are James and Patrick Crawley; the latter was appointed heir of the family estate, and selected as the future husband for Mary, one of Robert and Cora's three daughters. The show explores Mary's search for a new suitable suitor, while the future of the family estate remains up in the air. In addition to the wealthy family members, the show documents the complex lives of the family's servants as they encounter misfortunes, intricate relationships and more.

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