How Do You Download Jazz MIDI Files?

How Do You Download Jazz MIDI Files?

To download MIDI files, right-click on the file name, and select Save Link As. Depending on the operating system, PC or Mac, the message may be a variation of Save Link As, such as Save Target As.

The operating system, the browser or the computer determines how to download MIDI files, not the musical genre of the MIDI file. There are two ways to download MIDI files on a Mac. In the Safari browser, right-click the MIDI file link, and select Save Link to Disk. You also can open the MIDI file in QuickTime, and then click File, Save As.

Owing to the plethora of new software, hardware, devices and updates from Apple, methods of downloading MIDI files change constantly, and the most reliable and up-to-date information seems to come from other Mac owners and users of Apple products who share tips and tricks on related forums.

Downloaded MIDI files do not play in all browsers and media players. Windows Media Player and QuickTime are exceptions. Converting MIDI files to playable media files is advisable. You can do this by opening the MIDI file in its default program and saving it in another format. There are online file conversion services as well -- MIDI player apps for Mac and free MIDI file editing software for Mac, such as Sweet Midi Player.

You can also open most MIDI files in a musical notation program, such as MuseScore, which provides the full score with sound.