How Do You Download Files From MovieTube?

How Do You Download Files From MovieTube?

In order to download files from MovieTube, go to the MovieTube website, click on the desired movie and from the movie page select the Download button. Movies can be downloaded or watched from the movie's home page. The home page also include movie information such as the release date, viewer's ratings, movie category, director and actors, IMDb rating and a synopsis of the movie.

In order to download from MovieTube:

  1. Establish an account
  2. MovieTube offers users the options to watch full-length movies and television episodes. Customers can create a free user's account from the website by clicking the Register button on the right side of the home page. Set up the user name, password and provide an email address to register.

  3. Search for the movie
  4. A full list of the movies available to download is provided by clicking Movies on the top banner of the homepage. Hovering over the link provides a drop down menu of movie categories. Users can sort movies alphabetically, by category, by IMDb rating or by newest releases. A search text is also available to find a specific movie.

  5. Find options for MovieTube downloads
  6. Users can access and download movies from the website but there are also applications for mobile devices available for free from iTunes and Android Freeware.