How Do You Download Ethiopian Songs on Orthodox Mezmur?


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Direct downloads of liturgical music from the website Orthodoxmezmur.com is not possible due to the limitations of the software used in the design of the website. Orthodox Mezmur is available via an Android app that is free to download at the Google App store. Navigate to the store, type "Orthodox Mezmur" into the search box, and select the Orthodox Mezmur app from the available selections.

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Orthodox Mezmur are liturgical songs and hymns sung in the Ethiopian Amharic language. Orthodox Mezmur is similar in tone to plain chant or Gregorian chant though it commonly uses instruments and often changes in the vocal styling of the singer. However, only the more traditional instruments such as the kebero, begena and the washint are used in most places. The kebero is a type of a drum, the begena is an Ethiopian box lyre, and the washint is a type of wooden flute.

This music is exclusive to the Ethiopian Orthodox church community. This Ethiopian Orthodox church is a Christian denomination that is part of the larger umbrella of Oriental Orthodox churches, dating to the fourth century, though Christianity in the region dates back to the New Testament. The Ethiopian church is referenced in the Acts of the Apostles.

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