What Are Some DJ Remixes of Popular Songs?

What Are Some DJ Remixes of Popular Songs?

Some DJ remixes of popular songs include Andrew Weatherall’s remix of My Bloody Valentine’s “Soon,” Fatboy Slim’s remix of Cornershop’s “Brimful of Asha,” Armand Ven Helden’s remix of Tori Amos’ “Professional Widow” and OrtzRoka’s remix of Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks.” These remixes reimagine popular songs, keeping some elements while rendering other unrecognizable.

British shoegaze legends My Bloody Valentine combine hazy melodies with layers of reverb and distortion, creating a wall of sound based primarily around guitars. DJ Andrew Weatherall’s remix resamples the band’s singular sound but puts a beat under it, employing the melodies for a more danceable style.

Cornershop had a major hit with the 1960s pop sounds of “Brimful of Asha,” but DJ Fatboy Slim streamlines the song for his remix, breaking it down to the verse and chorus. With a faster tempo and emphasized melodies, the remix highlights the original’s strongest features.

Armand Ven Helden takes Tori Amos’ moody “Professional Widow,” often rumored to be about Courtney Love, and renders it almost unrecognizable, chopping the song into pieces and reimagining it as a dancefloor anthem. Making use of Amos’ vocal snippets as well as a heavy beat, the song shows how drastically a remix can reinvent a song.

Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks” offered one of the 2000’s most distinct hooks in the form of its instantly recognizable whistled melody. OrtzRoka’s remix affixes an electronic beat to the song and trades most of its vocals for gauzy keyboards.