Who Are Disney's Pixie Hollow Fairies?


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Disney Fairies features the "Peter Pan" character Tinker Bell, along with her best friends Zarina, Silvermist and Vidia who live in Pixie Hollow. Also included are fairies Iridessa, Rosetta, Fawn and Periwinkle, as well as a cast of other characters. As of 2015, the Disney Fairies franchise has inspired seven films, and is the basis for merchandise, multiple book series, a magazine, an online game and Disney theme park attractions.

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In the Disney Fairies franchise, Pixie Hollow is the area of Neverland where fairies live and work. It contains four sections: Spring Valley, Summer Glade, Autumn Valley and the Winter Woods. In the center of Pixie Hollow, the Pixie Dust Tree serves as the home of Queen Clarion. Under the leadership of Queen Clarion, the fairies create the four seasons.

Tinker Bell is the main protagonist, who serves as a pots and pans fairy. Her friends include Zarina, an ambitious dust-keeper fairy who takes up with pirates, Silvermist, a water fairy, and Vidia, who is known for her fast flying. She also interacts with Iridessa, a light fairy, Rosetta, a garden fairy, and Fawn, an animal fairy. Periwinkle is a frost fairy who was discovered to be Tinker Bell's sister in the 2012 film "Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings."

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