What Are Some Disney Movie Trivia Questions?


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Some trivia questions for Disney movies are "What is the name of Aladdin's tiger?" and "Captain Hook's hook was placed on which hand?" The answers to those questions are "Rajah" and "his left."

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Some questions that focus on remembering quotes from characters in Disney movies ask what Merlin from "The Sword and the Stone," called the greatest force on Earth and when Mary Poppins states that she intends to leave the home of the Banks family. The answer to the first question is "love," and the answer to the second question is "when the wind changes."

Some other fun questions that ask for details about Disney movies are "How many eggs does Gaston eat for breakfast each morning?" and "What game does Slinky play in Toy Story?" Those who know the movie "Beauty and the Beast" know that Gaston eats five dozen eggs each morning, while "Toy Story" provides the game of checkers to the second question.

Another question about a classic Disney movie asks what the name of the whale was in Pinocchio, looking for the answer "Monstro." Another classic movie question is "In 'Bambi,' what word does the owl use to describe falling in love?" The answer is the word "twitterpatted."

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