What Are Some "Dirk Pitt" Adventures Written by Clive Cussler?


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Some of the "Dirk Pitt" adventures written by Clive Cussler are "Raise the Titanic," "Sahara," "Valhalla Rising" and "Havana Storm." As of 2015, there are 23 "Dirk Pitt" novels and one book featuring Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt discussing their parallel lives.

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"Raise the Titanic" was written in the 1970s before the Titanic was located and found broken into two sections. The novel focuses on a mission to recover a large amount of the rare element, byzantium, which went down with the Titanic in 1912. Dirk Pitt's goal is raising the Titanic while encountering a hurricane and double agents who sabotage the mission.

The novel "Sahara" finds Dirk on a quest to locate a pharaoh's funeral barge in the Nile. Dirk and his companions are taken captive by corrupt forces who force them to slave away in a gold mine deep in the Sahara desert. During his escape attempt, Dirk discovers an old Confederate ship that went missing in 1865 with clues to the real reason Lincoln was assassinated.

"Valhalla Rising" is a race to discover why a luxury cruise ship caught fire and sank without any warning. Dirk works to save the surviving passengers and investigate the tragedy. He uncovers a mystery surrounding the engines and workers of the ship. In "Havana Storm," Dirk finds himself in the middle of a power struggle for the control of Cuba. Dirk's children are also in Cuba investigating an Aztec treasure that many believed was destroyed in Havana Harbor in 1898.

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