What are some different ways to design a logo?


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Different ways to design a logo revolve around three basic logo types: font designs, literal illustrations and abstract graphic symbols, such as the Nike swoosh. Font designs, such as those used by Microsoft and Sony, focus on simple text, while literal illustrations use graphics or photos that explain what the company does, such as a lighting company using a light bulb within the logo. Companies can use online tools and resources, such as 99designs and Logomaker, to design a logo.

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Top online resources and software that offer the tools needed to design a logo include Adobe Illustrator, Laughingbird, Summitsoft Logo Design Studio, LogoYes and Sothink, as ranked by GoAnimate. Adobe Illustrator comes in handy for those looking for complete control over their logo design and is sometimes intimidating for beginners with graphic design. Logomaker and Laughingbird are more beginner-friendly with ready-made templates to begin creating a logo.

Tips for designing an effective logo include keeping it simple with clean lines and a functional message. Determining a key benefit or product of the company can also help in designing a logo, while clip art and overly trendy looks should be avoided. Modifying an old logo to a more modern design should avoid time-sensitive trends and take place over an extended period to avoid confusing customers.

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