What Are Some Different Types of Vinyl Graphic Stickers?


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Some types of vinyl graphic stickers are gloss, matte, clear and vinyl fabric stickers. Vinyl graphic stickers vary by shape, such as contour-cut, circular and round-cornered stickers.

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Glossy vinyl graphic stickers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Matte stickers can also be used indoors or outdoors, but these have a flat finish. Vinyl fabric stickers are reusable and can be peeled on and off repeatedly, whereas clear stickers give designs a die-cut decal look. Vinyl stickers are weather-resistant and last up to five years depending on quality. Additional sticker shapes include rectangles, squares, bumper stickers, ovals and cut-to-shape custom stickers. Multiple pre-cut stickers are available in bulk by sheets, with options for one-color or multicolor printing.

Vinyl graphic stickers include custom images, pre-designed stickers, manufacturer custom-designed stickers and vinyl lettering stickers. Custom images are created with photos or online images and used for logos, sports teams, cars and decals. Pre-designed stickers include imagery such as animals, bands, flags, landscapes and professions. Manufacturer custom designs rely on the customer's input and are ideal for business logos. Vinyl lettering stickers are customizable by size and have no backgrounds. Sticker designs are available in dozens of colors, depending on the manufacturer.

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