What Are Different Types of Painting Courses for Novices?


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Beginning painting courses range from a broad introduction to the art of painting to courses focusing on one specific material or style. General introductory courses typically explore the variety of materials that painters use, introduce the basics of drawing, and include experimentation with tone, color and composition. Beginning watercolor painting, introduction to oil painting, or painting with acrylics are common among medium-specific courses. Courses in specific painting styles, such as abstract or landscape, are also available for beginners.

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Courses for beginners at The Art Studio in New York city are a good example of courses designed for the novice painter. In 2015 its beginning courses include Beginner's Painting 101: Learn to Paint from the Heart. This basic course, taught in acrylics, focuses on painting and the use of color as a form of self-expression, covering various techniques including paint application, texture and composition.

Among The Art Studio's other offerings for novice painters are beginner's oil and acrylic painting and beginner's drawing and painting. Painting courses for the beginner are often among the courses available through the continuing education programs at local community colleges. The basics of painting and color, introduction to watercolor, and oil painting basics are typical of community college introductory painting courses.

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