What Are Some Different Types of Masonic Clip Art?


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Masonic clip art is available in various categories depending on the Masonic organization or lodge; mostly, the graphics are variations of emblems of the Masonic square and compasses, Mark degree, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar and Rose Croix. There are also some graphics of the emblems of the order of the Eastern Star, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shriners and the Red Cross of Constantine.

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The Masonic square and compasses emblem, which is the emblem of the fraternity or its trademark, is the most-used base for such clip art. There are graphics showing the square and compasses with the "G," sometimes without it, with a crescent moon or sun, within a wreath or with the Bible. The order of Amaranth graphics, which show a crown within a wreath, and also the graphics of the order of the Eastern Star, which is a five-pointed star with two points in the upward direction, are also available. Graphics for the York Rite and DeMolay Masonic bodies have also been designed well.

These graphics are widely used by Freemasons who are education officers and secretaries of their lodges. Others use them in their newsletters, on their websites, on fliers for lodge functions, or for table plans and place cards.

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