What Are Some Different Types of Floor Plans Services for Metal Homes?

Floor plan services for metal homes include pre-created models, custom designs, services that design larger structures with living quarters sectioned off, and designers that create the exterior and leave finishing the project to the homeowner. Design companies often integrate their services with those of builders.

Kodiak Steel Homes and Smith Custom Homes both offer pre-created steel home designs. Kodiak offers pricing information and a quoting estimation tool on its website.

Innovative House Designs creates custom designs for individuals with special requirements. The company also modifies existing designs. Innovative House Designs works closely with Kodiak Steel Homes to provide building services for its customers.

W.D. Metal Buildings offers what it calls Barndominiums, which are larger buildings that include walled-off spaces for living areas.

Morton Buildings provides steel building exteriors and allows owners to contract out interior finish work or complete it themselves.