What Are Some Different Types of Contemporary Sculpture Art?

Contemporary sculpture art comes in the form of statues, pottery, various types of relief, and other two- or three-dimensional representations. A relief is a sculpture that uses methods such as carving, building up or hollowing out material to use space in unique ways. Common sculpture techniques include casting, moulding and stamping. However, modern sculpture art is not easy to narrow down to a type, and many contemporary artists use mediums that defy straightforward labeling.

Popular contemporary art includes such works as Richard Serra's "Backdoor Pipeline," which can be seen at the Gagosian Gallery. This structure is large enough to walk through and made out of steel painted in an orange clay tone. Another popular sculpture artist, Damián Ortega, uses car tires in his popular piece "Congo River" and rubber square blocks in his sculpture "White Cube." Anish Kapoor makes use of mirrors in his sculpture titled "Parabolic Twist."

Tara Donna's work ranges from a sculpture that consists of a random pile of springs to a display called "Haze," which uses the entire space of the room to cast attention to it. Admirers of contemporary sculptures who are interested in viewing a compilation of them should visit Artsy.net and similar websites.