What Are Some Different Types of Alphabet-Letter Images?

Some of the different types of alphabet-letter images include cartoon styles, calligraphy and the various styles found on most word-processing programs. High-end photographic style images that mimic signs on corporate buildings are popular. Alphabet images are also available for languages that have distinctive letters, such as Greek, Russian and Hebrew.

Cartoon-style alphabet images often start out as hand or computer drawings. After they are perfected, the alphabets are made available online for consumers to download, either at no charge or by payment of a licensing fee. As of 2015, examples found on the website 123RF.com, include a boldly colored alphabet with googly eyes and another that has different animals and objects shaped into letters and numbers.

In the publishing world, the different alphabets are usually called fonts. The easiest place to find them is on a computer. Examples of commonly used styles include Times New Roman, Comic Sans and Papyrus. Different styles of calligraphy are also found on many word-processing programs, but it's possible to find more artistic interpretations at websites such as ShutterStock.com.

Photographic-style alphabet images may show neon lettering, styles used to design logos or letters like those found on a theater marquis. The foreign-language alphabets include the accents and other marks associated with each language.