What Are Some Different Tree of Life Designs?


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Ancient tree of life designs include the Iranian Gaokerena, Egyptian Iusaaset, Buddhist Bodhi and the Georgian Borjgali. The Norse Yggdrasil, Hindu Akshaya Vata, Jewish Etz Chaim and Islamic Tree of Immortality are other well-known and religiously significant tree of life designs.

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Native American mythology includes several distinct tree of life designs, including the Ojibway Nookomis Giizhig and the Cherokee Cedar Tree. The Celtic Crann Bethadh is another well-known tree of life. The World Tree design also features prominently in Turkic mythology.

Well-known tree of life designs have appeared in artwork, as well. The tree of life figures prominently in the work of artists Jen Delyth and Gustav Klimt.

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