What Are Some Different Mobile Home Porch Ideas?

Some mobile home porch ideas include a raised porch with an A-frame roof and a staircase in the middle, a porch with a gabled roof and a screened-in porch. The porches not only give the mobile homes a more finished look, they increase usable living space.

The A-frame porch looks no different than one on a conventional single-family house. Add white side rails to create a "white picket fence" look. Variations on this idea include putting the staircase on either side or using rock-look skirting to give it a more rustic look.

The gabled roof uses a long post across the front of the roof with a few smaller beams arched out to support the top. This design works well in warm climates because the rising hot air can escape out of the front section. Staircases are typically on the side because the support post for the beam is usually in the center front of the porch.

The screened-in porch is simply a raised area with a roof that is enclosed in bug-proof mesh. These tend to be smaller and can even work with some trailers. A twist on the screen porch idea is to make the porch run the length of the home and have half of it either screened or glassed-in.