Where Are the Different Locations That "Survivor" Has Been Filmed?

"Survivor" has been filmed in locations including Sabah, Malaysia, where it began, and the Pearl Islands, Panama, which have seen three seasons of the show. Other locations include the Cook Islands, Tikal, Guatemala and Palau.

Sabah is famous for its rain forests, beaches and endangered animal species such as the orangutan. Other Asian locations for "Survivor" include Thailand, China, the Philippines and Cambodia. The show has been filmed in Africa, Oceania, Asia, North America and South America. Its African locations are Kenya and Gabon.

Oceania locations include Palau, which is just south of the Philippines and is comprised of small islands. Offshore diving and Jellyfish Lake, where people snorkel with stingless jellyfish, are some of its main attractions. The Cook Islands, another "Survivor" site, are popular because of their blue lagoons, culture and white-sand beaches. Australia and Samoa are some other Oceania filming locations.

"Survivor" has also been filmed in Brazil, and in North America, in Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The Pearl Islands, one "Survivor" location, have white-sand beaches and are close to Panama City via boat.

As of 2015, four seasons each have been filmed in the Philippines, Samoa and Nicaragua. The locations in which only one season has been filmed include Malaysia, Kenya, Gabon and China.