What Are the Different Kinds of Worksheets for Movies?


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Film worksheets seek to identify different elements of a film, such as theme and plot. They can also ask a student to convey recurring film devices, meaning, motif and other structural parts of a film.

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Theme is one of the broadest questions to test for on a film worksheet. Theme analyzes the overall meaning of the film, which also requires a student to be familiar with the plot. For this reason, a thorough plot analysis of the film can also be prompted by the worksheet. Students should be able to clearly identify a beginning, middle and end to a film. A student should also be able to list both major and minor characters.

Elements such as flashbacks and foreshadowing are narrative devices that directors use to connect different parts of a film’s story, and these should be identified. The worksheet should also examine common cinematography and lighting techniques. Film uses close-ups to convey intense emotion, while wide shots reduce the importance of the character in favor of the environment. The emotions conveyed, depending on the shot, should be elaborated on by a student. Finally, the use of camera techniques, such as jump cuts, should be listed by a student. The ability to identify these camera cutaways are important, since a sudden jump cut is common to action films, while slow fades are features of a subdued movie.

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