What Are the Different Fern Michaels Series in Order?

Listed in order of the first book's original publication date, the titles of Fern Michaels' nine series of novels are: "Captives," "Texas," "Sins," "Vegas," "Kentucky," "Cisco Family," "The Sisterhood" Series, "The Godmothers" Series, and "The Men of the Sisterhood" Series. This list is current as of June 2015.

Michaels began writing series books in 1977 with "Captives," a four-novel series, followed by "Texas" in 1985 (four books), "Sins" (two books beginning in 1989), "Vegas" (three books in 1996 to 1997), and "Kentucky" (three books in 2001 to 2002). In 2002 she began the two-book "Cisco Family" set, and the following year wrote the first novel of her long-running "Sisterhood" Series, which to date comprises 26 books. In 2009 Michaels began her seven-book "Godmothers" Series, and in 2014 she started her ninth and latest series, "The Men of the Sisterhood," which currently stands at four books. An additional book published in 1981, "Captive Innocence," is noted as a separate work and not a part of the "Captives" series.

A prolific writer, Michaels publishes multiple books each year and has worked on several of her series concurrently. She is also the author of more than 50 additional, nonseries novels, and to date has contributed to more than 20 "omnibus" story compilations.