What Are Some Different Farm Magazines?

What Are Some Different Farm Magazines?

Farm Journal, The Progressive Farmer and Small Farm Today are some different farm magazines. Farm Journal was first published in 1877, while The Progressive Farmer started in 1886. Small Farm Today was founded in 1984.

Farm Journal includes information about crops and livestock, as well as general agriculture. This magazine was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by farmer Wilmer Atkinson, who was also a Quaker and journalist. His magazine was geared towards farmers in the city and those located within a day’s travel outside the city. Initial publication included 25,000 copies of the magazine. Farm Journal soon became a national publication and had one million subscribers by 1915.

The Progressive Farmer includes articles on crops, livestock production, equipment and farm marketing and management. Readers also learn about farm conservation, legal issues, land prices and land usage. Other topics included in this publication are tax tips, estate planning, market trends and technology related to farming.

Small Farm Today is about promoting and preserving small farm life, which the publication states is farms with 179 or fewer acres. This publication includes articles on rural living, community, sustainability and agricultural entrepreneurship.

These magazines also have websites offering similar information offered in their print publications.