What Are Some Different Comedic Monologues?

Comedic monologues for male actors include Heck's monologue from "Cowboys and Idiots," the narrator's monologue from "Conflict" and Ishmael's monologue from "JT and the Pirates." Monologues for female actors include Beatrix's monologue from "Promedy," Juniper's monologue from "Tomorrow's Wish" and the operator's monologue from "CSI: Neverland."

Heck's monologue takes place when two cowboys are walking through the desert, sharing their views on the world. The monologue from "Conflict" is a comical example of a story that does not involve any conflict. The monologue serves to demonstrate how people expect characters in stories to go through some kind of hardship. "JT and the Pirates" is about a group of pirates who travel to a modern day middle school. Ishmael's monologue appears at the start of the play and sets the scene.

In "Promedy," 17-year-old Beatrix is president of the student body. The school prom is canceled in the play, and Beatrix uses her monologue to explain why prom is so important to her. Juniper's monologue in "Tomorrow's Wish" sees Juniper tell her cousin about her first kiss. In "CSI: Neverland," the operator's monologue sees the operator take 911 calls from people in amusing situations.

When preparing for a monologue, try to create your own interpretation of the character and his position in the story. Consider the character's background, the way he changes throughout the play, and important events in his life. Once you have learned the lines, practice projecting your voice to find the right level for the monologue.