What Are Some Different Boat Graphic Designs?


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Some different boat design graphics include pictures of fish and other animals, flame designs, and team or corporate logos. Marine graphics companies also design striping, decorative decals and boat lettering. Images of sailfish are a popular design for fishing boats, as are pirate-themed decorations. Graphic themes typically relate to a boat's name; for example, the lettering on the boat Celtic Warrior features crossed broadswords.

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BoldWater.com designs graphics for commercial and private boat owners. The graphic hull wrap of the fishing boat Team Ocean Promotions is decorated with flames, sailfish and corporate logos of marine-related businesses. One boat's hull wrap is a promotional tool that features the name of a company called Precision Door Service. BoldWater.com's saltwater fishing boat hull wraps typically have a dramatic, exciting appearances; the wrap for the boat Big Poppa, for example, is bright yellow with the image of a leaping fish on the side.

Decking graphics for a freshwater bass fishing boat, on the other hand, depict largemouth bass and fishing lures in a monochromatic color scheme. One hunting boat by CohoDesign.net is wrapped with a camouflage design. CohoDesign.net also designs graphics for commercial boat logos. One logo, for Bear Creek Salmon Camp in Alaska, depicts a stylized grizzly bear with a salmon in its mouth. The company also designs logos for fishing gear companies and commercial charter fishing boats.

WakeGraphics.com sells wraps with graffiti-style and abstract art. Its "Snake-ify" signature series features snake-like faces and swirling colors, while "Get Tattoo" depicts various well-known tattoo designs grouped together across the wrap. "The Black Beard" is a pirate-themed graphic wrap that centers on an image of a pirate skull and crossbones. Its "The Poseidon" wrap features the Greek god of the sea surrounded by octopus tentacles.

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