What Is the Difference Between a Villa and a House?

difference-between-villa-house Credit: Martin Barraud/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Villa can be very similar to a house in that it can closely resemble a standard, single family home, but villas are also known for being luxurious, larger homes with their own gardens, vineyards or courtyards, hotel-like services and water fixtures, like pools and fountains. Because of this, villas are known as more private, elegant destinations for people who want to go on vacation, but prefer to not stay in a hotel, where the atmosphere can be impersonal.

Villas are typically larger than single family homes. They can have as many as 20 bedrooms and typically have a more luxurious feel to them. They are also typically surrounded by private gardens, vineyards or some other form of landscape. This gives guests a feeling of intimacy and seclusion while at the same time many villas still offer services found in regular hotels, like concierge, meal services and maids. Villas also tend to have pools or fountains, usually some kind of water structure that adds to their feel of luxury. Villas are very popular alternatives for people going on vacation that want to relax in a more private, intimate setting.

Owners of villas tend to have to pay other property fees that people who own regular houses don't have to worry about. Most people that own houses will have to pay a simple annual fee. This money goes to maintaining the public facilities like the town pool or recreation center. Villa owners also end up paying quarterly fees. This money goes to maintaining the grounds around the villa property or properties, as well as other costs, like general maintenance of the villa properties, themselves.