What Is the Difference Between Ichigo Vs. Goku?

Ichigo is a character from the anime series "Bleach," and Goku is a character from the anime series "Dragon Ball," "Dragon Ball Z" and "Gragon Ball GT." Although both characters are formidable fighters, Goku is a 761- or 762-year old Saiyan, and Ichigo is a 15- or 16-year-old substitute Shingami fighter.

Both Goku and Ichigo have names with hidden meanings. Ichigo's name is a homonym for the word "fifteen," and he often wears shirts with that number on them. Goku's name is a pun of the word "carrot," and all of his relatives have similar vegetable names. Goku's profession is also related to vegetables. He is a radish farmer in one special episode.

Goku has a weapon called the power pole that he can stretch to infinite lengths, and Ichigo is armed with Shikai blades. Goku travels on a magical cloud that he inherited from Master Roshi, but only the pure of heart can ride the cloud. Ichigo does not have a special way to travel.

Ichigo is known for being short-tempered, while Goku is relatively calm. In fact, Goku is afraid of his wife's bad temper. However, Goku is fiercely loyal to his planet and his family, and if he believes that they are in danger, he loses his temper and seeks justice.